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It is important that if Bank Junction is to be opened to Black Cabs 24/7/365 – to make taxis more available to you for hire – that we hear from users as to why that matters.

Getting a Black Cab in the City of London has become very difficult for many and we would like to know your experiences of trying to hail a Black Cab and why it is important to you.

We have recorded a number of reasons but we want to hear yours:

  • The elderly, those with disabilities or mobility challenges have told us it is becoming very difficult for them to visit the City of London. Important for equality.
  • Women working late at night have expressed concerns about the lack of availability and access to ready and safe transport provided by Black Cabs caused by cabs not coming to the City as a result of traffic restrictions. Important if we are to tackle violence against women and girls.
  • Women and others trying to get home after a night out have expressed similar concerns. Important for a safe and thriving night-time economy.
  • The hospitality trade including hotels and restaurants have expressed concerns about the ability of customers to come to the City or to leave due to traffic restrictions and cabs not wishing to serve the Square Mile. Important for a thriving City and critical for the survival of some businesses.
  • Business users have expressed their frustration at the lack of availability of Black Cabs to get them to important meetings. Important if we are not to lose businesses from the City to the West End.

Your experiences, stories and personal reasons for wanting to see more Black Cabs in the City are really important is we want to make changes that will improve taxi availability for all.

Please email your support and experience to: