Importance to those with Mobility Challenges

Many users who have mobility challenges rely on Black Cabs: the elderly, the disabled, the blind or people with health challenges or injury. The restrictions are causing problems hailing cabs and in many cases adding to journey times and cost. Denying Black Cabs – part of our public transport system – the ability to go where buses go is a perceived and actual equalities issue.

We want to hear your experiences or experiences of friends or colleagues who are being impacted. Please ask them to respond to the call for evidence.

This is some of what we have heard:

  • As a regular taxi user, generally taking a cab from Liverpool Street station, I find it absolutely appalling that cabs cannot access Bank junction.  I cannot walk well as I suffer from arthritis and need the mobility a door to door service gives me otherwise I am almost trapped in my home.  Taxis are a vital part of the London public transport infrastructure and the drivers are just trying to do their job to the best of their ability. Stop this ridiculous ban without further delay. (Stephanie P)
  • As a regular visitor to Moorfields Eye Hospital in City Road  it is a nightmare getting there from London Bridge station . It takes a long time with roadworks cycle lanes and one way no taxi areas. I have had to have operations and relied on taxis to get me there and back which has been more expensive because of these road problems and takes longer when I just want to get home. (Mary C)
  • I also have found my fare has increased due to longer routes as drivers cannot use Bank Junction and is becoming unaffordable as I need a taxi everyday both to and from the station. I work in the Square Mile and commute in most days.  I have a disability and rely on black taxis to help with my commute from London Bridge station.  Finding a taxi at London Bridge station is ok however less taxis ranking compared to a few years ago. Drivers have told me, it’s impossible to drive the City because of road closures so they avoid the City as much as possible and work further west.  My return journey is extremely difficult as I find it extremely difficult to find a taxi and often stand in the dark if I finish late and feel very vulnerable. We desperately need to encourage the drivers back into the City by allowing them to drive all roads. (Tracey M)
  • I picked up a lady with her child from Great Ormond Street children’s hospital, who wanted to go to Fenchurch Street station a while back, and because of the restrictions, we had to go a longer route, how can this be right when we are on a meter and are supposed to be able to go the shortest distance from A to B? I ended up not charging the lady and apologised for the the time the journey had taken due to the restrictions. On  many occasions, from Liverpool Street station to London Bridge Station (used to be no more than £8) is now more like £13/14, again, how can this be right, especially as we are wheelchair accessible, to be having to charge people nearly twice the amount due to more restrictions! (Andrew B)
  • I used to always work around the city but since Bank Junction and the Bishopsgate bus gate it’s becoming very difficult and not Cost effective for the customers to get were they need to be. I’ve had to also tell people with luggage, elderly and disable passengers to walk to their destination. (Dee H)
  • I believe that black cabs should have access to Bank Junction as their fares are regulated by TfL and all taxis are fully fitted to transport disabled passengers. I have for a long time wondered how the [restrictions that have been imposed have been allowed] to discriminate against disabled people. (Michael K)
  • I’ve been a London Taxi Driver for over 30 years and with Taxis not allowed through Bank Junction its embarrassing telling disabled passengers and people with luggage and other heavy goods you have to go all around the houses for their destination sometimes doubling the fare its not right. (Steve H)