Cabs Across Bank (CAB) is campaigning for Licensed Hackney Carriages to have access across Bank Junction and other currently restricted streets in the City of London 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – 24/7/365.

CAB believes that Licensed Hackney Carriages (also popularly known as “Black Cabs”) should be able to go where buses go including use of bus lanes and other routes or manoeuvres permitted for buses authorised by Transport for London.

CAB would like to see similar restrictions lifted elsewhere across London.

Black Cabs are an integral part of London’s public transport system and lifting restrictions is important:

  • For accessibility – to provide access everywhere for those with mobility challenges
  • For safety – to ensure they are available across London all hours to ensure safety of women or vulnerable users
  • For tourism and hospitality – Black Cabs are world-renown for being safe and trusted by visitors to London
  • For businesses – who rely on Black Cabs for fast, readily available transport. They are a reason why businesses choose the City and Central London to have offices

Black Cabs are increasingly pollution free with around 50% now all electric representing an environmentally friendly transport alternative.

Please support the Black Cab trade by emailing your support and reasons why you would like to see Black Cabs having access across Bank Junction and permitting them to go where buses go.

We will use your responses to provide evidence to the City of London Corporation and Transport for London to improve your ability to find and hail taxis in the City.

CAB is not aligned to any trade body or user group. It has been established to gather evidence from taxi users to support the opening up of Bank Junction to Black Cabs 24/7/365.

Thank you for your interest and help.