Cabbies – what you need to do

Firstly, thank you for visiting this page. If Bank Junction is to be reopened to cabs 24/7/365 we need good evidence from as many drivers AND especially passengers as to why it is important.

The call for evidence by Cabs Across Bank (CAB) will only be successful if you:

  1. Place the “Full Street Access” card/poster in your cab so passengers can see it and are able to scan the QR code.
    You can download a copy by clicking here.
  2. Please explain to passengers why access across Bank Junction and other restricted streets in the City of London is important to you and why it will help bring cabs back into the City
  3. Ask your passenger to email CabsAcrossBank@gmail with brief details of who they are and why they support the Black Cab access across Bank Junction.

We are particularly keen to hear from the mobility challenged, women, tourists and business users about why it is important to them to get cabs back into the City of London.

Its really important that we have passengers email in. If just 10% of cabbies got 3 passengers to email in, we would have well over 5,000 responses. We hope to get many more!

Please ask your colleagues to visit the site and follow the above.

Thank you