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If you find getting a Black Cab in the City of London difficult, we want to hear from you by email. Every email will help us provide the evidence to remove traffic restrictions on Black Cabs and get them back into the Square Mile


  1. As a London cab driver, i now try and steer clear of the city. The ridiculous road restrictions make once simple journeys much longer and therefore more expensive. Having to explain to every passenger why you are taking them ‘the long way’ is tiresome. For example, if you pick up outside The Ned hotel on poultry and need to go east, you have to do a u turn and drive in the opposite direction, then go round the houses to get to where you could have got in 1 minute, instead taking 10+ minutes. Another classic is the no left turn out of Liverpool Street. I asked someone at tfl to tell me the route from Liverpool Street station to pick someone up at Spital Square, then onwards to London Bridge. They just said ‘the driver will take the shortest route possible’. Ask one of the morons who have banned taxis to look at this route compared to what is used to be and see how stupid the restrictions make it. Tfl are even quoted on record discriminating against disabled people. I have had several people asking ‘why is it so hard to get a taxi?’ I just say that sadiq khan and tfl dont want taxis in London and they should be walking cycling or on the the bus…. Fuck tfl and the col

  2. I think this is absolutely the right thing to do . So cabs can use the bus lanes outside central london but not in central london !! What a load of bullshit from TFL and the whally who wants to destroy whole of london …Sadiq Khan….

  3. It’s utter madness that the world’s oldest fo of public hire with the most safest record and wheelchair accessible is being denied access remember UK doesn’t have a climate like Spain often long spells of torrential rain and gale force winds

  4. The current situation discriminates against those with disabilities (on a number of occasions I haven’t been able to drop wheelchair users where they needed to go, so they had to wheel thier way to the door in the rain). It also increases fares for those using taxis (going the shortest route is what all Hackney Carriage Drivers have been trained to do, so going around Bank Junction or LTN’s runs the meter up on passengers. I’ve also picked up people from Heathrow (who surprisingly had heavy suit cases) then couldn’t drop them outside the door so they had to walk with heavy cases (international travels can’t believe it and people that live here say, “you couldn’t make it up”, but understand it’s not the drivers fault. I could go on about how Bank Junction and LTN’s negatively impact Londoner’s and those who need to use the roads in these areas, but those in power already know about the issues and are too bloody minded to listen to normal people as they don’t want to lose face by reversing thier ill thought policies to shut Bank Junction and roll out LTN’s across London.

  5. I fully agree that licenses London taxis should be allowed to use all the roads going through Bank junction. It is the pivot point for some many journeys through the City and having to navigate around it makes no economic sense nor does it add to safety.

  6. I will always take a customer to the city when asked, some destinations are extremely difficult to access and once I have complete my job I will always leave the area as quickly as possible. The chance that I may get a job that in the past could have been completed without any problems now may entail such a diversion that often passengers will ask “why have we gone the long way “!,a prime example is London Bridge Station to Liverpool Street station, a once straightforward journey has been made 10 times worse than needs be.As for the bank junction it often has roadworks on Gresham or cannon Street and again a journey that could be completed easily has now become so much worse. I would love the opportunity to drive more in the city and in the past was a great source of work,it’s such a shame that myself and colleagues feel they are being purposely pushed away from being able just to do their work in the best fashion.

  7. Mr Khan could change it in a second but he really doesn’t like anything traditional in London I really can’t understand why you would begrudge a man who gone and learn every road and place of interest in London the right to use every road in London

  8. Please open these Roads to black taxis it doesn’t help the customer or the driver it becomes very stressful for the driver sometimes having to drive off in completely the opposite direction it doesn’t sit right our brains causing terrible anxiety we are programmed to take the shortest route god help us.

  9. 35 years driving a taxi for the last 3 years I refuse to go anywhere near the city mid afternoon into the evening I keep well away I can earn my money you didn’t want us now we don’t need col .

  10. Just makes sense the public have suffered enough from having their journey time extended plus more cost total gridlock on surrounding areas,no thought for disability users ,a complete shambles by tfl and the mayor

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