Women’s Safety

Many businesses and women have raised concerns about how difficult it is to get a Black Cab in the City at night. Women working late, women visiting bars, clubs, restaurants or staying in City hotels have all raised concerns.

Whilst black cabs can cross Bank Junction at night the restrictions during the day and other restrictions in the City mean that drivers increasingly avoid the Square Mile at all hours.

If you are a woman who has experienced this – your views and support matter. Please do respond to this call for evidence.

The safety of women women living, working or visiting the City is of critical importance.

Quotes from some of the women who have responded:

  • I would like to support this cause as I can’t get a cab from work to anywhere anymore, and do not feel safe as a woman. (Amanda)
  • Bank Junction is extremely important for me I’m constantly at meetings in [the City] and come sometimes be late when I finish them. Being a single young woman I have to find ways of ensuring my journey home and find it increasingly hard to get a Black Taxi from this point due to confusion and closures of Bank Junction. It has caused me to have to walk all the way to London Bridge one night with No one around, I felt very vulnerable. Please review this matter with the view of vulnerable people in mind. London needs to be assessable for everybody not just the young and mobile. (Nicola)
  • Females  trying to make the journey home late evening and not being able to stop a cab due to the restrictions.
    Instead the passenger has to walk around looking for a taxi going off the main road. As a female I want to feel safe at night when I’m trying to make my journey home and jump in passing by cab,  but sadly this is no longer possible due to this ridiculous decision.
  • Black cabs are a great way of getting  around  they can go in bus lanes  they are the safest transport  and great help for elderly  and disabled  people. (Janet)